Building Together

Tech entrepreneurship is wild.
Surround yourself with the right people.

Meet Your New Allies

We build a new breed of seed fund, bringing together a unique mix of people to give you the best resources from day 1.

VC Investors

We make deals in the fairest and most efficient ways and help you secure your next rounds.

The Entrepreneur Committee

Its 4 members share operational and strategic insights with you during the instruction process.

The Board Partners

A handpicked seasoned entrepreneur is supporting you, during & between board sessions.


Its 400+ members will bring you answers to your challenges and introduce you to the right people. Some may co-invest alongside the fund.

Let's Be Collective & Fair

With great power comes great responsibility. This is what we believe in and what we do.

Peer Support

Knowledge sharing and mutual assistance are the cornerstones of our action.

We make sure that entrepreneurs can share their challenges, get support, connections and concrete, actionable insights to scale better and faster.


Startups are vehicles for change. Let's make sure it means progress.

We help founders build healthy organizations with responsible business models, an inclusive culture and a fair governance.

Our Sweet Spot

We invest tickets of €750k-€2.5m in €1-5m Seed rounds. Any industry.

Our sweet spot is France but we also invest outside its borders.

Your True Ally

We don't offer you only a check. You'll get also a seasoned entrepreneur to support you throughout your journey, inside and outside the board.

Also, we invest only once, very early on, to share exactly the same interests you have, the founders, and thus be your best defender and trustful confidant.

Accelerating your learning curve

We give you access to the most vibrant community of 400+ entrepreneurs managing hypergrowth, trough 100+ events a year.

We also provide exclusive tools, developed and validated by entrepreneurs and specialists, such as guides, benchmarks, database, and open-source documents.

What Is the Galion?

Galion.exe is part of The Galion Project, a community of more than 400 successful founders who are committed to actively sharing their knowledge and developing tools to help startups grow.